No, Chris Brown Is Not Really Going To Box Soulja Boy On Pay-Per-View

At the beginning of the year, Soulja Boy liked an Instagram photo of Karreuche Tran, Chris Brown’s on-and-off girlfriend. Chris Brown did not appreciate this. The two former teen stars started a bitter back-and-forth on Twitter, and this somehow morphed into plans for a celebrity boxing match.

It was going to be a whole thing. They were going to fight on pay-per-view. Floyd Mayweather, Jr. was going to promote the fight and maybe train Soulja. Mike Tyson said he was going to help Brown, and then Evander Holyfield said he was going to help Soulja. There’s a whole recent trend of celebrities challenging each other to boxing matches, but this was both the biggest and the likeliest to actually happen.

Well, it won’t happen. I know. Shocking.

As Billboard reports, Soulja — who was claiming a couple of weeks ago that the fight was still on — now says that it’s off. On Twitter, he wrote last night that Brown called Soulja’s manager to cancel the fight:

And today, he tweeted that Brown won’t sign the contract:

If this fight were to actually happen, it seems to me like Brown would be the heavy favorite, if only because I’ve seen him dance and I know he’s athletic. But honestly, though, the real winner of this story is the entire human race, who will now be spared this goofy-as-fuck spectacle and who will never have to think about it again.