Califone – “Slowness”

There are many fine records in the Califone canon, but Tim Rutili’s experimental folk-rock project has never sounded more vital than on 2003’s Quicksand/Cradlesnakes. So I’m pleased to report that the album, which contains the awesome “Vampiring Again” and “Michigan Girls” among other highlights, is getting a deluxe reissue this year via Dead Oceans. They’re teasing the release by bringing the previously unheard bonus track “Slowness” out of the vault a little early. The song is a sighing, shambolic deconstructed piano ditty, and it exudes that homespun neon junkyard feeling that has always made Califone such an essential and underrated force in indie rock. Listen below.


Side A
01 “One”
02 “Horoscopic.Amputation.Honey”
03 “Michigan Girls”
04 “Cat Eats Coyote”
05 “Your Golden Ass”
06 “(Red)”

Side B
01 “Million Dollar Funeral”
02 “When Leon Spinx Moved Into Town”
03 “Mean Little Seed”
04 “Vampiring Again”
05 “Slower Twin”
06 “Stepdaughter”

Side C
01 “When Leon Spinx Moved Into Town (6.18.03 – VPRO Radio, Amsterdam)”
02 “Slowness (califone + oRSo)”
03 “Ro (califone + oRSo)”
04 “Wednesdays (califone + oRSo)”

Side D
01 “Kissing Cousin Wikkan (9.02 Cicero)”
02 “Sciabolato”
03 “The Machines In Your Stomach Have Everything To Do With Your Dreams”
04 “Cat Eats Coyote (unedited)”

The Quicksand/Cradlesnakes reissue is out 3/17 on Dead Oceans. Pre-order it here.

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