Bleached – “Flipside”

The newest Bleached song from Can You Deal? is so good that frankly I cannot. Marked by chugging power chords and an arching melody that paints an otherwise brightly shining song with streaks of melancholy nostalgia, “Flipside” is a ’90s alt-rock throwback with power-pop bona fides, like Evan Dando’s best attempt at a Weezer song. Jennifer Clavin shared some thoughts in a press release:

I was thinking about the relationship we have with an album or a song and how we connect them to what is happening in our lives, like falling in love, being fascinated by a new friend, or some kind of pivotal moment in life corresponding with the record I’m listening to. Once the comedown of that time hits I can’t even listen to that record without thinking about that time or that person. Albums are the soundtrack to our lives, and this song is an ode to the nostalgia certain albums bring.

Listen below.

Can You Deal? is out 3/3 on Dead Oceans. Pre-order it here. Bleached are also releasing a Can You Deal? zine, which you can pre-order here.

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