Hear Marc Maron Interview Norah Jones On His WTF Podcast

How long do you think it’s going to be before Marc Maron interviews a rapper? The comedian and podcaster has been interviewing more and more musicians on his WTF podcast, but unless I’m forgetting someone, he still has yet to sit down with someone who makes rap music. (Childish Gambino doesn’t count. Neither does Lin-Manuel Miranda.) (UPDATE: He interviewed Open Mike Eagle in 2013; I’d forgotten about that one.) Most of Maron’s musical guests exist somewhere along the roots-music axis, and that’s certainly the case with his latest guest, the jazz-pop superstar Norah Jones. On her episode, Jones talks about growing up in Texas, playing piano as a kid, and getting to know Ravi Shankar, her estranged father. The episode also features a quick interview with the stand-up comic Pete Holmes, whose new HBO show Crashing is pretty funny. You can hear the episode here.