Yaeji – “Noonside” Video

Yaeji – “Noonside” Video

South Korean house-pop deconstructionalist Kathy Yaeji Lee — or just Yaeji on the record sleeve — is the latest addition to the Godmode roster. Her self-titled EP is set for release next month, and our first glimpse is a lovely twilight rumination called “Noonside.” With its blacklight glow, subtly jarring rhythmic pulse, and sweetly sighing vocal delivery, it’s like an arthouse K-pop version of a Gold Panda song. “Noonside” is about Yaeji’s travels between New York and Seoul, and it arrives with a self-shot video that chronicles her time in both locations. Watch below.

The Yaeji EP is out 3/31 on Godmode.

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