Watch The Weeknd’s Dramatic Commercial For H&M Bomber Jackets

The Weeknd partnered with H&M to design a new clothing line based on Abel Tesfaye’s personal style. The 25-piece “Spring Icons” collection features a bomber jacket as its signature item, and Tesfaye claims that for his generation “the bomber jacket is like a replacement for the suit jacket.” (I do not believe him!!!) Anyway, Billboard debuted the advertisement for the fashion line, which was shot in sunny LA. In the clip, Tesfaye states the following:

I don’t believe in icons. Or at least, I don’t look for them. I know that they’re out there, but they don’t define me. There are things that I love, people that I like. But the concept of an icon can… be a cliche. And I don’t like cliches.

Watch the v self-serious video below.

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