Watch The Flaming Lips Play Colbert With An Astronaut, A Unicorn

The Flaming Lips might not blow minds as reliably as they did a decade or two ago. But when you give them a chance to perform on TV, they still do everything in their power to make it an experience. Case in point: Last night, the Lips were the musical guests on Stephen Colbert’s Late Show. They played “There Should Be Unicorns,” a deep cut from their new album Oczy Mlody. And they went all the way in with it. Wayne Coyne wore rainbow-striped inflatable angel wings, and he sat on the back of a unicorn statue that was covered in lights. Psychedelic lights spiraled around the whole band. There was an astronaut onstage for some reason, possibly to keep the unicorn statue calm. It was really something. Watch the performance below.

Oczy Mlody is out now on Warner Bros.