Mai Lan – “Nail Polish” & “Pas D’Amour”

The Parisian singer and producer Mai Lan did a lot of work on M83’s 2016 album Junk, and she landed on our radar last year with her absurd and awesome solo single “Technique.” Since then, she’s made memorable videos for her singles “Haze” and “Vampire.” And now she’s released her Vampire EP, which features a couple of new songs. “Nail Polish” is a ridiculously catchy deadpan electro-house banger, while “Pas D’Amour” is a torchy, sincere, slow-building song sung entirely in French. Shamir producer and Godmode founder Nick Sylvester — who, full disclosure, is a friend — produced the entire EP. Check out those two songs below.

The Vampire EP is out now on Cinq 7/Wagram.