Alex Napping – “You’ve Got Me”

“You’ve Got Me” is the second single from Alex Napping’s forthcoming sophomore album, Mise En Place, and it features the same winding scale and compelling narrative as the record’s lead single, “Living Room.” “‘You’ve Got Me’ is a personal account of the frenzied and overwhelming nature of sexual tension, especially during a convoluted beginning or an extended time apart,” project leader Alex Cohen told Nylon. “We wanted the music to convey the same sense of desperation and obsession that exists in the lyrics, and tried to create something that captures both the distracting and mind-consuming aspects of intense attraction and things that also make it pleasurable and desirable in the first place.” Listen to it below.

SXSW Dates:
03/14 Father/Daughter Records / Riot Act Media Showcase @ The Sidewinder Outside (9:15PM)
03/16 SXSports Day + Gunk Picnic Show @ The Boggy Creek Greenbelt (2201 Rosewood) (1:40PM)

Mise En Place is out 5/5 via Father/Daughter Records. Pre-order it here.

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