Killer Mike Honored By Georgia State Senate

Killer Mike was a vocal Bernie Sanders supporter in the primaries (and long after, as well), and it looks like he may be eyeing more political work in the future. In any case, he was just honored by the Georgia Senate this morning for his involvement in championing improvements to the Atlanta water system. (The drill built for the city’s emergency back-up water supply ended up being called “Driller Mike.”) Per WABE, he used his remarks on the Senate floor to address a wide range of issues:

Our children deserve decent housing. Gentrification should not make children poor. Our school systems deserve more attention. Our teachers deserve more money. Our firemen deserve more money. And our policemen deserve more than new guns. They deserve to have enough cops on the street to be involved in the community.

In an Instagram post soon after, Killer Mike expanded on the honor:

I’m In GA’s state Capital. The place where law is written. In these hollowed halls have walked the most powerful people from my state. As a kid I came here via school field trips and those trips are a part of my love affair with my states political history and the political process. I was awarded a proclamation from my state this morning. US Sen. Nan Orrock awarded me and after a short speech by her and myself she led me around from introductions and pictures. I shook hands with Dems and GOP’ers and expressed my desire to see Ga push for What is right and Equitable for the Common man and woman. I wanna see this day be the start of another kids love for politics and like me that kid can go on to effect change in a bigger way. Thank u to all I met with and greeted today. Your hard work is not unnoticed and wether D or R I hope you fight to make Georgia solid for all Georgians.

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