Stream Johnny Jewel The Key & The Hacker EPs

Dear Tommy when? We’re still no closer to answering that question, but at least Johnny Jewel is giving us some new solo music. The Chromatics mastermind announced two EPs, The Key and The Hacker, earlier this week, and now he’s thrown the entirety of both up on Italians Do It Better’s YouTube page. Both EPs consist mostly of short, moody instrumentals, and you can hear them all below.

UPDATE: Echo Park Records indicates via Twitter that both of these EPs were released in 2016. Discogs confirms that The Key was released last October but affixes this note to The Hacker: “Although listed on label’s website with a May 31, 2016 release date, this EP was actually released in March 2017.”

The Key:

The Hacker:

The Hacker and The Key are out now on Italians Do It Better.