InfoWars Is Feuding With Portugal. The Man

Alex Jones might have a cozy relationship with Billy Corgan, but that doesn’t mean that his right-wing conspiracy pseudo-news site InfoWars are cool with every rock band. Case in point: As SPIN points out, the site has now launched a vendetta against Alaska-reared, Portland based alt-rockers Portugal. The Man.

Portugal. The Man started things off by throwing a shot at InfoWars into their recent “Feel It Still” clip. In that video, there’s a brief scene where a Sikh man burns an InfoWars newspaper. (There is no InfoWars newspaper, but you get the idea.) And as it turns out the video is full of subtle nods to various left-wing causes. InfoWars has been happy to tell us all about this, publishing a screed against the “pro-Soros rockers” and pointing out how the interactive version of the video includes links to all sorts of leftist organizations.

In the case of that InfoWars scene, there’s a link to AdStrike, a site dedicated to boycotts that hopefully will cause advertisers to stop supporting right-wing sites like InfoWars. The InfoWars article includes reference to “an embedded ‘toolkit’ for social justice warriors” and ends with this delicious kicker: “Che Guevara and Karl Marx are proudly smiling up from hell.”

Here’s the offending video:

You can check out the interactive version here.