Watch Father John Misty’s Wacky New Unboxing Video

We’ve all gotten a bit worn out with Father John Misty lately, whether it’s his take on Nickelback’s misunderstood classic “How You Remind Me” or his justification of the second most-controversial Taylor Swift lyric in the past few years. The man himself is well aware how his words come across in the press, yet he persists because he’s put it upon himself to save the “dying artform of interpretive thinking.”

This is why the man’s latest bit of promo for his forthcoming third studio LP, Pure Comedy, is such a welcome change of pace: It doesn’t involve Father John Misty speaking! Instead, you get to listen to some perfectly pleasant lounge music while he silently unboxes the album’s vinyl packing. It’s actually a really impressive display, and hopefully will go a good bit better than his previous venture into the world of deluxe packaging. Watch below.

Pure Comedy is out 4/7 on Sub Pop.