Drake’s More Life Won’t Be Apple Exclusive

Drake signed a huge partnership deal with Apple Music way back in June 2015, and he’s been tight with the streaming service ever since. OVO Sound Radio was one of the first celebrity-driven Beats 1 shows, Apple financed his “Hotline Bling” video, VIEWS was an Apple Music exclusive, and he even appeared in a Taylor Swift-inspired ad spot for them. But More Life, his upcoming playlist project, will not be an Apple Music exclusive. Spotify teased the release from their official Twitter account, and Pitchfork reports that it will also be available on Amazon Music. Sorry, Apple — you had a good run!

In other streaming news, Billboard reports that Spotify may be softening its hard-line anti-windowing stance. The service is nearing new deals with major labels that will allow artists to restrict music to paid subscribers for a short period of time. In exchange, the labels would agree to reduced royalty fees.

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