Rihanna Livestreamed Herself Watching Her Bates Motel Debut While Getting Drunk

Last night, A&E aired the fifth episode of Bates Motel season five, the show that serializes Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho. Usually, we wouldn’t have much to say about this. But for this fifth and final season, Rihanna has joined the cast, playing Marion Crane, the character who Janet Leigh played in the original Psycho. We already posted an early look at her on the show. But the world got its first real glimpse of it last night. And one of the people who really got to see it for the first time was Rihanna herself.

On Instagram Live, Rihanna livestreamed her reactions to the series, cackling along with her friends at everything. At some point, she turned it into a drinking game, taking a shot everytime someone said the word “Norman” and getting resoundingly drunk. It’s fun! Someone captured the whole thing on YouTube; skim through it at your leisure below.

Bates Motel airs Monday nights on A&E. If you’re watching it but you’re not watching it the way Rihanna is, you’re fucking up.