You Really Shot Me

Ray Davies has recovered from a gunshot to his thigh, but he’s still stressed about his first solo album and tour. He decries what he perceives as a lack of English songwriters in The Guardian:

“The songs I really like writing are small plays,”he says. “Even back to Waterloo Sunset. There’s a plot with two people, and a bit of a sub-plot, this guy is on his own, something has happened, maybe his girlfriend has left him, and he sees two people together and says ‘Wouldn’t it be nice to be like them’ … that’s what that song’s about. And that’s the good thing about songwriting – you’re the composer, the artist, the film director, the publisher, everything.” He goes on to complain that there are not enough English songwriters – “they are writing to sell records in America” – and claims that what he writes is folk songs. “I went to art school, went to theatre school, and neither route was right for me. I’m an outsider, a renegade artist not suited to the fine arts. I make my own art.”

Check out his official website for tour dates, though they are all in England. Also, someone please tell him that “.info” is lame.