Discogs Declares $18K Vinyl Purchase Fraudulent After Musician Apparently “Sold” Record To Himself

UPDATE: Discogs has terminated this sale because the Yeager test pressing has been determined fraudulent. So Prince’s $15,000 “Black Album” remains the site’s Most Expensive Record. Furthermore, a new SPIN report suggests Yeager himself was both the seller and the buyer, raising questions about whether the record ever existed at all. It’s one of a number of hoaxes Yeager has concocted in pursuit of fame.


Have we reached peak vinyl? Apparently not. Last year, an original promotional copy of Prince’s legendary “Black Album” sold for a cool $15,000, becoming the most expensive record ever sold on Discogs. Now, less than a year later, that record has already been broken. Someone with entirely too much money to spend has just purchased a rare test pressing of 301 Jackson St., a 1989 LP by underground Miami artist Billy Yeager, for $18,000. I hope it brings them much joy.

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