Wayne Coyne, Biz Markie, & Portugal. The Man Appear On Chipotle’s New Kids TV Show

RAD Lands is a new unbranded kids TV series produced by Chipotle featuring celebrity chefs Duff Goldman and Amanda Freitag and a number of musicians including Wayne Coyne, Biz Markie, Neon Trees, and Portugal. The Man. You read that right! It was created by the team responsible for Yo Gabba Gabba!, another kids’ show that has featured quite a few famous musicians in its day. According to a press release, here’s the premise:

The main storytelling component of RAD Lands is an animated narrative that follows a small rebel squad’s epic journey to help save the galaxy’s plants and animals that provide them with real, fresh food. The squad is challenged by a nemesis trying to homogenize food across the galaxy and turn it all into highly processed junk food.

So basically Captain Planet for a new generation? The rebel squad’s name is the Cultivators, FYI. Check out the trailer via Ad Age:

And here are musical numbers from the show by Portugal. The Man, Neon Trees, and Biz Markie via Billboard:

RAD Lands is out today, available exclusively on iTunes.