Watch “God’s Favorite Band” Green Day Play “Still Breathing” On Colbert

Last night was a big one for ’90s guitar-pop legends playing new songs on late-night TV shows. Weezer were on Kimmel to do their new single “Feels Like Summer,” while their summer-of-’94 peers Green Day were on Stephen Colbert’s Late Show to bash their way through “Still Breathing,” a song from their return-to-form 2016 album Revolution Radio. Introducing the band, Stephen Colbert got an assist from God — as in, the God — who proclaimed Green Day to be his favorite band. The live version of Green Day have literally doubled their lineup, transforming into a six-piece. But doing “Still Breathing,” they still basically sound like Green Day, something I’m not sure I could say about the current version of Weezer. Watch the performance below.

Revolution Radio is out now on Reprise.