White Reaper – “The Stack”

We’re a few weeks out from the release of White Reaper’s third studio LP, The World’s Best American Band, and if you’ve heard the album’s ripping lead single, “Judy French,” you know just how hard they’re working to prove that audacious claim. Following in the previous song’s footsteps, the band’s latest track, “The Stack,” is another fireball of Southern swagger and jingly garage-rock momentum. “If you make the girl dance, the boys will dance with her,” vocalist Tony Esposito barks, before cheekily taunting that “the sound of my voice is making you shiver.” It’s another highly effective White Reaper track from a band that is as good at being White Reaper as ever. Listen below.

The World’s Best American Band is out 4/7 on Polyvinyl.

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