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The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

If you’re looking to experience some profound discomfort this beautiful Friday afternoon, I sincerely recommend Iggy Azalea’s new video for “Mo Bounce.” It’s the most David Brent thing that a chart-topping rap star has done in recent memory. As for the rest of this week, our picks are below.

5. Migos – “What The Price” (Dir. Daps & Migos)

This is almost certainly the weakest of the recent Daps/Migos collabs, and it still features the members of the group restaging the first scene of Terminator 2 while wearing bullet belts. What a run!

4. Perfume Genius – “Slip Away” (Dir. Andrew Huang Thomas)

This doesn’t have the confrontation force of a lot of past Perfume Genius videos, but the fizzy sense of visual elation is still a thing to behold.

3. James Blake – “My Willing Heart” (Dir. Anna Rose Holmer)

You ever catch yourself watching a perfume commercial and finding it unexpectedly moving? Yeah. That’s this.

2. The Menzingers – “After The Party” (Dir. Kyle Thrash)

A whole fucked-up relationship story, told briskly and artfully, without the benefit of words, in the space of an entire punk song, with time left over for shots of the band playing. This is just first-rate music-video filmmaking. And if those early scenes don’t evoke some sense of nostalgia in you, then I’m terribly sorry that you’ve never been in love.

1. Dude York – “Tonight” (Dir. Carlos Lopez)

This is just a fun rock video. There need to be more fun rock videos.