Valgeir Sigurdsson – “No Nights Dark Enough IV. fear and grief and pain”

Today we’re sharing Icelandic composer Valgeir Sigurdsson’s shimmery and cinematic piece “fear and grief and pain” — part four of the “No Nights Dark Enough” suite on his upcoming album Dissonance. Marked by light and bouncing synth-like work, the track’s rather bleak title that does not immediately reflect its mood or tone. By adding a fresh and vibrant twist to traditional symphonic and orchestral techniques, Sigurdsson works in a realm all his own where classical meets current. Sigurdsson is best known for his work at his studio Greenhouse in Iceland where he has worked with the likes of Björk, Brian Eno, and Sigur Ros. Listen to the song below.

Dissonance is out 4/21 via Sigurdsson’s own label Bedroom Community. Pre-order it here.