Kanye West Settles With Hungarian Singer Over “New Slaves” Sample

Kanye West has settled a lawsuit with Hungarian singer Gabor Presser over an unauthorized sample used on the Yeezus track “New Slaves,” per Reuters. Presser sued West alleging that 85 seconds of the song was a copy of his 1969 track “Gyongyhaju Lany.” According to the lawsuit, Presser didn’t know about the sampling of the song until West’s lawyers sent him a $10,000 check (which he never cashed) and gave him 24 hours to “work out a deal” before the album was released.

Terms of the settlement were not disclosed, but Presser had sought at least $2.5 million for copyright infringement. West was scheduled to appear for a deposition earlier this week, but settled on Monday before he had to do so. “I am very glad it is over,” Presser told Hungarian news service MTI.

Here’s the two tracks side-by-side:

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