Robbery Suspect Arrested After Posting Fetty Wap’s Stolen Chain On Instagram

Earlier this morning, we reported that three people were injured over the weekend after a shootout in a Paterson, New Jersey deli. Paterson rap star Fetty Wap was on the scene, and the shootout reportedly broke out after someone stole a chain and some cash from him. And now police have made an arrest after some genius showed off that very same chain on Instagram.

TMZ reports that local police arrested Raheem Thomas, a longtime local rival of Fetty, after he posted an Instagram picture of himself showing off Fetty’s 1738 chain. Thomas is reportedly claiming that he did not personally steal the chain. Police have booked him on gun charges related to the shootout but have not charged him with robbery. (His Instagram is now private.)

Thomas is part of a crew called Muscle Team Entertainment who have reportedly warned Fetty to “stay out of Paterson.” They also recently released “Got Em Remix,” a diss track aimed at Fetty.

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