Mac DeMarco Talks Cigarettes, Michael McDonald, Dying At 27

In a recent interview with the online fashion retailer SSENSE, Mac DeMarco talked about a few of his favorite things: cigarettes, cool old guys, and eternal youth. It’s a well-documented fact that DeMarco loves his cigarettes, and he defended that love to the interviewer:

I don’t feel like I have to be [a role model for kids] but either way I have become one. So, yeah, you gotta be nice. For example the smoking cigarettes joke and stuff like that. I wrote a song about it. I smoke cigarettes, it’s an addiction, it’s my choice. I get to make that choice. But it’s not like I’m a cigarette salesman. What I’m trying to say is, don’t start smoking kiddos, I love ya! It ruins your lungs, and your skin.

Smoking kills but it also makes you look cool and chill, right? OK anyway, DeMarco also told the interviewer that Michael McDonald of the Doobie Brothers has some really beautiful eyes.

I went for lunch with a guy named Michael McDonald, you know, from the Doobie Brothers. An older man than I, a very sweet man. He’s got pipes of gold, deep blue eyes, I had a nice time, and hopefully I’ll be seeing some more of him in the future. I gotta stick with the old guys.

On top of that, DeMarco finally addressed that age-old “white lighters are bad luck” rumor.

I’m turning 27 this year! Rockstar death age. The kids say that I use a white lighter sometimes, and that means I’m going to be dead at 27. Apparently that was the thing with everyone who died at that age, white lighters were in all of their pockets. So yeah, getting older, becoming a father in the next few months and I’m really excited for that. What else? I guess thinking about getting a white lighter tomorrow… and finally getting my testicles removed. [laughs]

According to DeMarco’s mom Agnes, that whole “becoming a father” bit is not true.

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