Helado Negro, Trey Pollard, Zombies’ “A Rose for Emily” Soundtrack S-Town Podcast

S-Town is the new prestige true-crime podcast from the producers of This American Life and Serial. It tells the story of a murder in the town of Woodstock, Alabama, and like Serial before it, it is tearing up the iTunes charts. Also like Serial, the podcast includes music from some of our cooler musicians.

Serial had original music from Islands frontman Nick Thorburn. S-Town, meanwhile, includes music from people like Helado Negro, the genre-fluid producer, and composer and Spacebomb co-owner Trey Pollard. Matt McGinley, drummer of the Gym Class Heroes and contributing music producer for This American Life, has also contributed music. And the show’s theme music comes from Daniel Hart, a former touring member of St. Vincent and the Polyphonic Spree; he’s released a digital album of his music for S-Town. You can learn more about the show’s original music here.

Meanwhile, every episode of S-Town ends with the Zombies’ “A Rose For Emily,” a fairly obscure song. The song is about the William Faulkner short story “A Rose For Emily,” which is mentioned early in the story.