Watch A Full-Strength Broken Social Scene Play A Gorgeous “Halfway Home” On Colbert

Yesterday, reactivated Canadian guitar army Broken Social Scene shared “Halfway Home,” their first new song in seven years. And last night, they showed up, at something like full strength, to perform the song on Stephen Colbert’s Late Show. I couldn’t get an exact count, but the band had something like 15 people onstage, including Metric’s Emily Haines and Jimmy Shaw, as well as Stars’ Amy Millan and Evan Cranley. They had a full horn section up there! It was crowded! There is something absolutely overwhelming about seeing BSS all massed together like that, clearly enjoying playing music together. “Friendship, ladies and gentlemen,” said Kevin Drew as the song was ending. It’s a heartwarming performance, and you can see it below.

There’s a new BSS album on the way, and it can’t come soon enough.