Salmon – “Like Milk And Honey” Video

Sanam Tiffany records spectral folk music under the name Salmon that sounds warm and timeless. Last year, the musician — who goes to school at Oberlin but is from Los Angeles — put out Way Yonder Far, an intimate collection of songs that utilize her submerged vocals and dextrous guitar playing to create a beautiful sense of haunting serenity. “Like Milk And Honey” is a particular highlight from it, featuring a gorgeously picked-at melody that feels slightly sinister as Tiffany’s pinched voice sings of romantic devotion: “Soft and slow and sweet, like milk and honey/ And I could lose myself in you 13 times a day.” It recently got a video to go along with it, directed by Olivia Soussan with art direction by Skye Lane. Every frame looks like a washed-out painting, as Tiffany wanders through rocky fields in an elegant white pullover, releasing restraints and settling down for a cup of tea in the dirt. It’s enigmatic and exquisite. Watch and listen below.

Way Yonder Far is out now via Danger Collective Records.