Stream Slugabed Inherit The Earth

Slugabed is Gregory Feldwick, who runs the Activia Benz label and has released records for Ninja Tune and Planet Mu. His latest, Inherit The Earth, marks his debut for the weirdo hip-hop and electronica enclave Anticon. It’s an apocalyptic collection — one that begins in earnest with “Stupid Earth” and ends with “Earth Is Gone Sorry” — but there’s so much beauty in Feldwick’s visions of decay.

If Inherit The Earth gazes hopelessly at the end of the world, it also reflects just how much world there is to behold. It’s barely even possible to reduce Feldwick’s work to a single genre description; he makes bass music of a sort, but it’s part jazz odyssey, part hip-hop beat tape, part future-pop deconstruction, part Part John Carpenter soundtrack, part post-rock adventure. And even that might still be underselling how many elements come into play here, further complicating Feldwick’s sonic fabric yet somehow never compromising his unique sensibility.

All of this mostly unfolds in the form of humongous hyperactive instrumentals, but vocalists blast into the frame on two tracks: “Gold,” a skittering computer R&B jam featuring Hairy Hands and Peter Lyons, and aforementioned closer “Earth Is Gone Sorry,” a collaboration with Lum. There’s something striking about hearing a human voice against this kind of backdrop, mournful and gorgeous and lending new degrees of high drama to music that’s already highly dramatic on its own. You’ve really got to hear it for yourself, so dive into the full album below.

Inherit The Earth is out 4/7 on Anticon. Pre-order it here.