Watch Vince Staples & Hannibal Buress Rate The NBA Tough Guys

The NBA playoffs are starting soon, so our friends at the Ringer had the great idea to get Vince Staples and Hannibal Buress into a room together to talk about basketball’s greatest enforcers, a subject dear to all of our hearts. Staples is both a huge basketball fan and an extremely funny motherfucker, and both of those things are also true of Buress, the great stand-up comic. (It might be worth noting, though, that Staples arguably gets more funny lines in than Buress, which makes me wonder what might happen if Vince Staples ever tried stand-up.) Some sample Staples wisdom: “It’s easy to be a nut-puncher. But to kick someone in the head and say that it’s a natural reflex?” Watch it below.

Someday, I will tell the story about how I drunkenly splashed beer on Buress once, and he did not laugh it off. Right now, the humiliation is still too fresh and too raw, so I will just say that Staples’ album Big Fish Theory is coming soon.