Travis Scott – “Goosebumps” (Feat. Kendrick Lamar) Video

Travis Scott – “Goosebumps” (Feat. Kendrick Lamar) Video

A few days ago, Kendrick Lamar gave us “Humble,” the best music video of 2017 thus far. And today, he’s in a brand-new video. This one is for “Goosebumps,” a song that Kendrick did with Travis Scott on Scott’s 2016 album Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight. The new video is, um, less good. It’s looks like a phantasmagorical video-game cut scene, all extreme CGI and psychedelic in-camera effects. There’s one scene where a snake crawls out from Scott’s eye socket and another where the earth literall swallows Scott up. Kendrick’s scenes take place in a burnt-red Transylvanian hellscape. The video is an Apple Music exclusive, and you can watch it here.

Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight is out now on Epic/Grand Hustle.

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