Grizzly Bear Share Cryptic LP5 Teaser

Grizzly Bear Share Cryptic LP5 Teaser

We’re coming up on five years since the release of Shields, the last Grizzly Bear album. And lately, we’ve been hearing more and more rumblings that the band’s newest LP will be arriving sometime soon. They started recording the new album about a year ago. And as of this morning, they’ve shared a quick, tantalizing teaser. The video, which was initially titled “4cypseq” but is now untitled, has an abstract visual and about 30 seconds of pretty, formless, expansive music. It’s not much to go on, but it’s something. Here it is:

Grizzly Bear also just launched a brand-new Instagram page, so keep an eye on that, and start imagining how a 2017 Grizzly Bear album might sound.

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