Watch Billie Joe Armstrong & Stephen Colbert Sing An “Affordable” Version Of “Good Riddance”

Last month, Green Day, after being introduced as “God’s favorite band,” played a couple of songs on Stephen Colbert’s Late Show. But they actually spent more time than that in the Ed Sullivan Theater. For one thing, they kicked off a new Colbert feature called “Bonus Tracks,” playing an extra 20 minutes of online-exclusive footage, with the band talking about their new album Revolution Radio and playing three of its songs on that stage. Here’s the video:

And while they were there, as Billboard points out, Green Day also sat down with Colbert to play an “affordable” version of their monster 1997 hit “Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life).” This joke was that Colbert managed to avoid paying royalties by substituting that song’s lyrics with something a little more public-domain. It’s a single-joke bit, but it’s fun to see Colbert and Billie Joe Armstrong singing together like that:

Revolution Radio is out now on Reprise.