Soft Fangs – “Sugarblood”

Soft Fangs is the recording project of the Brooklyn via Boston songwriter John Lutkevich. We named him a Band To Watch back in 2014 on the strength of his self-titled debut cassette, and since then Lutkevich has been releasing homespun recordings that evoke a sense of solitude. Soft Fangs will put out a split EP with Bellows later this month, and today we’re premiering his contribution “Sugarblood.” Lutkevich often writes about characters living on the periphery — sometimes they’re based on estranged friends or loved ones, and sometimes they’re based on himself. “Sugarblood” starts with a reference to a character “huffing gasoline in the supermarket parking lot” before Lutkevich’s voice is consumed by distortion, accented by synth motifs that cling to his voice like dewdrops. It’s a beautiful song that tells an ugly story; listen below.

Pre-order it here.