Charly Bliss – “Black Hole” Video

Charly Bliss – “Black Hole” Video

Charly Bliss are only a few weeks away from releasing one of the best debut albums in recent memory. Their new song, “Black Hole,” follows in the footsteps of previous singles “Glitter” and “Percolator” in establishing an almost impossible level of hype for Guppy that they’re still likely going to reach. Seriously, Guppy is a monster of riffs, hooks, and unbridled, uncompromising creative energy. “Black Hole” captures all of these qualities, finding a sweet spot of indie garage-rock that sits somewhere between Speedy Ortiz and the Pixies. Frontwoman Eva Hendricks offered the following about the song’s meaning to Nylon:

I think when you’re caught up in an emotionally abusive relationship, it’s easy to convince yourself that everything you’re putting yourself through is building toward some sort of payoff, when everything will suddenly feel easy and light. That didn’t happen, and the lyrics are about me coming to terms with that, while also still not being totally able to give it up yet.

Watch the song’s Matilda-inspired, Andrew Costa-directed video — which stars some of the band members own baby cousins — below.

Guppy is out 4/21 via Barsuk.

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