Jack White – “Battle Cry”

A couple of years ago, Jack White took a break from life as an active touring and recording artist, opting instead to focus on other things. One of those other things was Warstic, the baseball-focused sorting goods company in which he’s an investor and partner. And today, White has come out with his first new song in a while, and he’s done it for that baseball bat company. “Battle Cry” is an amped-up, wordless rocker with a central riff that reminds me a bit of the Smashing Pumpkins’ “Zero.” It sounds like the kind of thing that Jack White might make if he set out explicitly to make at-bat music. White wrote and produced the song himself, and you can hear it below.

“Battle Cry” is out now on Third Man. It soundtracks a forthcoming Warstic-themed short film called War Cry: The Battle Of The Hawk And The Raven, which will debut tomorrow at Detroits Comerica Park during the Tigers game. White and Detroit Tiger Ian Kinsler, another Warstic investor and partner, both star in the film; here’s a preview:

Apparently, White plays the Raven, a sort of trickster spirit who haunts Kinsler.

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