Father John Misty And Patton Oswalt Discuss Balls

Father John Misty has a new album out and he also has balls. So, when he got together with Patton Oswalt to talk about art and music and culture and other valuable stuff, the two eventually got to talking about balls… as one does. Here’s the excerpt, provided by the New York Times Magazine:

Tillman: I’m really trying to get my physiology back to some kind of normal state after doing “SNL.” I was like, we’re not doing this millennial-style after-party at the tasteful pub with chicken ciabattas. We are going to go take some time off our lives.

Oswalt: That’d be an amazing coffee-table book, get a shot of an artist the day before a tour and then on the last day, to see the 10 years of aging they do in two weeks.

Tillman: You know Jodorowsky’s whole “psychomagic” thing? He has all these prescriptive rituals for people, and the one for men who are experiencing spiritual impotence is: Paint your balls red. And I’ve done this. Wet paint, underwear, pants, and then just walk around all day knowing your balls are painted red. It’s like a life hack.

Oswalt: Where’s his TED talk? I read he made a special pair of underwear when he was doing “El Topo,” with holes so his balls would dangle and he would be in a weird pain. He goes, “I didn’t want to walk like John Wayne.” I kind of compare him to Mel Gibson — both raving lunatics who also happen to be great filmmakers.

Tillman: Yeah, there’s very little room for that now, everybody’s gotta be just a really nice guy.

Oswalt: And a company man. They work well on all platforms, and there’s not gonna be any clickbait about them.

Tillman: The clickbait, it’s all about willful ignorance. I did this tune on “SNL,” the first line is “Bedding Taylor Swift every night inside the Oculus Rift,” and goes on to be a song commenting on [the media, and entertainment]. And then the headlines naturally are like, “Area Homeless Man Fantasizes About Having Sex with Taylor Swift.”

Is this post you’re reading clickbait? I just thought it was a fun blog.

This has been your Father John Misty Said Yet Another Thing Update.