Frankie Cosmos And Warehouse Members Form New Band Lexie

Frankie Cosmos’ Greta Kline and two members of Band To Watch alums Warehouse — guitarist Alex Bailey and drummer Doug Bleichner — have formed a new band called Lexie. They’ve played a couple of shows around New York City over the past few months, including one at Elvis Guesthouse where they distributed handmade demos of their first recordings. In a new interview with Australia’s BalconyTV, Kline talked a little bit about how the project came together:

We went on tour this summer with this band Warehouse from Atlanta, and it was really fun. Me and the guitarist from Warehouse had a really strong vibe about musical interaction — we gotta collab on something — so we worked on it remotely because he lived in Atlanta so we just sent some tracks back and forth and ended up with 8 songs or something, and him and the drummer of Warehouse moved to New York recently and the drummer is my roommate and we’re like, Doug, you should play drums, we should play shows, we should make a record.

And that’s how a band happens! The next show Lexie is scheduled to play is with Girlpool and IAN SWEET in Brooklyn at Warsaw on 6/9.

Kline also mentions that the follow-up to last year’s Frankie Cosmos album Next Thing is “about 70% done.”