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The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

Tu Sei,” the new video from Italian dance DJ and former Eiffel 65 member Gabry Ponte, takes place in some sort of nightmare dystopian reality where people communicate exclusively through holographic emojis and cheesed-out European EDM producers control people’s emotions. It has more than two million views. It’s supposed to be cute. This week’s picks are below.

5. Small Black – “Between Leos” (Dir. Jeremy S. Collins)

Foley sound-effects artists and emotional dance breakdowns are two things that are just inherently visually interesting. This video has both of them.

4. Halsey – “Now Or Never” (Dir. Sing J. Lee & Halsey)

Halsey hasn’t really proven herself as a pop star yet. (The guest vocal on “Closer” doesn’t really count.) But she has made a video that looks, at the same time, like Americanized K-pop and (more blatantly) like Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet. So that’s something.

3. American Football – “I’ve Been Lost For So Long” (Dir. Matt Mayer & Ben Wietmarschen)

Shout out to all my clueless dads out there. Our struggle is real, and now it has its own music video.

2. Charly Bliss – “Black Hole” (Dir. Andrew Costa)

If you put extremely small and cute children in your music video, those children will upstage you. And honestly, the video will probably be better for it.

1. Beyoncê – “Die With You” (Dir. Jay Z)

Aw. Sometimes, it’s nice to be emotionally manipulated.