Tool Post Mysterious Image Marked “6-24″

Tool have always trafficked in mystery: putting their elaborate artwork and music videos out front as their dominant visual representation, even going so far as to perform entire concerts with lead singer Maynard James Keenan out of view. And although they’ve become something more like public figures during the lengthy wait for their new album, their online presence is still plenty mysterious. For instance, what to make of this image that popped up in their Twitter feed today?

It says “6-24,” which certainly seems like a reference to June 24. And Tool’s tour dates currently run up to the day before that, when they’ll play Golden 1 Center in Sacramento, so it could easily be a concert announcement of some sort. Maybe Tool are performing in the pictured space, which is shaped like a baseball field but doesn’t seem to be a baseball stadium? On the other hand, news of Tool’s music coming soon to streaming services could be evidence that the new album is finally done, in which case a 6/24 album release wouldn’t be at all improbable. On the other other hand, 6/24 is a Saturday, and most albums are released on Fridays these days. So: Mysterious! Anybody out there care to interpret?

UPDATE: Metal Injection and Twitter user Lingo Unbound say the image appears to be Glen Helen Amphitheater (formerly San Manuel Amphitheater) in San Bernardino, California.

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