Filter Frontman Calls Out “Bullshit” Chainsmokers Performance On SNL

Filter Frontman Calls Out “Bullshit” Chainsmokers Performance On SNL

Studio 8H, the hallowed grounds where Saturday Night Live happens every week, might be the last place in the world where lip-syncing is considered verboten. After all, Ashlee Simpson’s career practically ended when she botched a lip-sync on the show in 2004. This past weekend, after being lightly ribbed by guest host Louis C.K., world-conquering EDM-pop duo the Chainsmokers performed on the show. Andrew Taggart, the more visible of the two Chainsmokers, has had some trouble singing live in the past; he tried to throw MTV under the bus after he sounded like shit on the VMAs last year. On SNL, he sounded fine. And one prominent ’90s alt-rocker seems to think that the performance was not on the level.

Richard Patrick, former Nine Inch Nails guitarist and longtime frontman for nice-shooters Filter, caught the duo’s performance on the show. And in an Instagram video, he called bullshit: “OK, I know a lot of things, and I know when things are not live. You, sir, are not fuckin’ singing live on Saturday Night Live. The Chainsmokers. Are a piece. Of Shit. That is all.” Here’s the post:

The chainsmokers are shit. That is all. #lipsync #lipsyncing #fake #bullshit #liars #shittymusic. #fuckyou #thatisall

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Not even “The Chainsmokers are pieces of shit!” They just collectively amount to one piece of shit. Let’s all look forward to the Chainsmokers posting a snarked out “Hey Man, Nice Shot” cover on Instagram.

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