Coachella Booker Now Says He’d Want “Delicacy” Kate Bush

Kate Bush’s camp quickly shut down rumors that she was passed on for this year’s Coachella by Goldenvoice CEO Paul Tollett; rumors which arose from a a New Yorker feature going behind the scenes of the massive California festival. While Bush was adamant that she never had any intentions to play a festival, Coachella or otherwise, for what would have been her first US performance ever, Tollett wants to make sure it’s clear that he absolutely would have booked Bush if he could. According to a new LA Times interview, Tollett notes that, “Even going back before Coachella, Goldenvoice has been after her for 25 years. She just doesn’t do very many shows.”

He went on to shut down the speculation that Bush would have been considered as a replacement when Beyoncé bowed out of her Saturday night headlining spot. “That’s not the right place to put her — as a replacement for Beyoncé on a Saturday night,” he said. “She’s never played in America, and to think that could be arranged in 30 days, that would be impossible.” Still, this is almost certainly not the last we’ll be hearing about a potential Kate Bush Coachella-get. As Tollett puts it: “We’ve had a long history of delicacies at Coachella, and that is one of the ultimate delicacies.”