Wavves – “Million Enemies” Video

Wavves are about to release their new album You’re Welcome, and they’re heading out on tour next week. We’ve already heard three singles — the title track, “Daisy,” and “Animal” — and now they’ve shared a third. The anthemic arena-stomper “Million Enemies” comes along with a video from Gilles O’Kane and Rocco Rivetti that features Wavves as glammed-out hard-rockers.

“Wavves came to us with the initial concept of a glam-rock inspired performance video in the style of those 1970s UK music shows like Top Of The Pops, or The Old Grey Whistle Test,” O’Kane and Rivetti explain. “I’m a big fan of those early Glam performances by artists like Bowie, T.Rex & Roxy Music. Everything about their performances were astonishing, unique, even by today’s standards. But in the ’70s there was no precedent. I imagined how inconceivable it would have been to watch those performances on live TV, and from that place came the idea for the narrative. The video for ‘Million Enemies’ explores the power of music as a method of escapism, Glam Rock fashion, counter-culture super fandom, teenage rebellion, and the unique sense of belonging that’s created by listening to your favorite artist.” Watch below.

You’re Welcome is out 5/19 via Ghost Ramp.