JEFF The Brotherhood – “Punishment” Video

JEFF The Brotherhood have just shared a video for “Punishment,” the lead single from last year’s Zone. The brother band enlisted Jen Uman and Grant Davis to chronicle the talents of the self-proclaimed “World Champion Reverse Driver” as he touted his skill throughout the streets of his hometown of Bhatinda, Punjab. It’s an impressive feat to watch!

“Grant (Davis) and I have been good friends for a long time and with a common interest in India’s subcultures we do a lot of digging to uncover extraordinary people living ordinary lives,” Uman said in a press release. “When we learned about Harpreet Pappu and his ‘Back Gear Driving Academy’ we immediately wanted to meet him. On the surface Harpreet himself runs a seemingly run of the mill driving school, but he also has pretty radical ideas. He’s adamant about his students learning reverse driving, saying it’s a skill that can save one’s life. When someone is trying to kidnap you, for example, he says all you need to do is skillfully reverse your car and save yourself.”

Check it out below.

Zone is out now via Dine Alone Records.