No Vacation – “Mind Fields” Video

No Vacation – “Mind Fields” Video

Dreamy San Francisco five-piece No Vacation released “Mind Fields” earlier this year, their first dispatch after a year-long hiatus following the release of their debut album, Amo XO, and the subsequent Summer Break Mixtape. It’s a wistful and swirling rumination on a relationship that didn’t work out and the personal growth that can be made from its wreckage. Today, it’s getting a video that was directed by Patrick Mattes and follows a love story from its hopeful beginnings through to its bitter end, as one party revisits the locations where they once felt the happiest.

“The music video follows a narrative of a relationship that is seemingly perfect and almost too good to be true,” the band explains. “As the relationship unfolds, subtle transitional elements become moments that tinge the video with nostalgia, taking us down a path that’s all too familiar. It’s about realizing that nothing is ever as good as it seems, yet embracing the freedom of letting it all go.”

Watch below.

“Mind Fields” is out now via Topshelf Records. No Vacation are putting out a new release in the summer.

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