Machine Gun Kelly’s New Album Is Inspired By Radiohead’s Kid A

Cleveland pop-rapper Machine Gun Kelly is a terrible goober who makes bad music. Up until now, the artistic pinnacle of his career has been the moment that Kevin Owens powerbombed him off of the Monday Night Raw stage. But that’s about to change. Machine Gun Kelly would like you to know that he is about to make his “Idioteque.” He is about to blow your mind.

During a recent interview, Rolling Stone writer Andy Greene asked MGK about his claim that his new album was inspired by Radiohead. Here’s his response:

I was listening to a lot of Kid A when I made it. They use unconventional sounds to fill up the production. I have the same goal: to push people’s minds.

Honestly, it’s good for artists to push themselves, to reach for things that nobody thought possible. But also, and just as honestly, shut the fuck up, Machine Gun Kelly. Anyway, that’s not the best part of the interview. The best part of the interview was when he talked about working at Chipotle:

I killed the guac. Everybody was always like, “Damn, the guac is banging today!” I’d be like, “Oh, yeah. I made that shit!”… When people said, “Yo, let me get a little more chicken,” and the person next to me didn’t want to give it to them, I’d tap them on the shoulder and say, “Bro, this is not our chicken. None of our family owns Chipotle. Give everyone as much chicken as they fucking want!” If you ever came through my line, you would have a bowl full of chicken. Also, they never let me roll the burritos because I always fucked the burritos up. They’d burst every time.

Machine Gun Kelly the Chipotle employee sounds so much better than Machine Gun Kelly the rapper, Kid A influence or no. Also worth noting: He signed off from the interview by saying, “Being a rock star rocks.”