Watch Dave Chappelle & John Mayer’s Tribute To Charlie Murphy

Yesterday, the great comedian Charlie Murphy died of leukemia at the way-too-young age of 57. And last night, Dave Chappelle, who did great work with Murphy on Chappelle’s Show, made a public appearance at a John Mayer show in Columbus.

Mayer, who once appeared in a Chappelle’s Show sketch and who is good friends with Chappelle, happened to be playing at Value City Arena that night. And he ended his show by bringing Chappelle to the stage. Chappelle and Mayer talked ridiculously charismatic shit to one another for about six minutes, and they also spoke warmly about Murphy. Then Chappelle asked Mayer to play a song for Murphy, and Mayer played his song “You’re Gonna Live Forever In Me.” Watch a fan-made video of all of it below.

It was cool of Chappelle to ask the audience to put away their phones before this happened, but I’m glad we have the video anyway.