Watch Hans Zimmer’s Coachella Debut!

The composer Hans Zimmer played Coachella (!!!) over the weekend, and he broke out memorable songs from various films he’s scored, including songs from Inception, The Lion King, Gladiator, The Dark Knight, and Pirates Of The Caribbean. Zimmer’s massive orchestra also invited Pharrell onstage to perform his song “Freedom.” Check out footage and the setlist below.

Pirates of the Caribbean #hanszimmer #coachella cellist murdered everyone

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01 “Dream Is Collapsing” (from Inception)
02 “Mombasa” (from Inception)
03 “Jack Sparrow” (from Pirates Of The Caribbean)
04 “One Day” (from Pirates Of The Caribbean)
05 “Up Is Down” (from Pirates Of The Caribbean)
06 “He’s A Pirate” (from Pirates Of The Caribbean)
07 “Circle Of Life” (from The Lion King)
08 “Under The Stars” (from The Lion King)
09 “This Land” (from The Lion King)
10 “The Wheat” (from Gladiator)
11 “The Battle” (from Gladiator)
12 “Elysium” (from Gladiator)
13 “Now We Are Free” (from Gladiator)
14 “Freedom” (Pharrell Wiliams cover)
15 “Why So Serious?” (from The Dark Knight)
16 “Fear Will Find You” (from The Dark Knight)
17 “Aurora” (from The Dark Knight)
18 “Time” (from Inception)