This Guy Stole 100 People’s Phones At Coachella

Everyone waves their phone around at Coachella because everyone needs to Instagram the experience (also, it’s 2017), which makes attendees a prime target for pickpocketing. And, as The Desert Sun reports, someone took advantage of that fact and stole over 100 phones at the festival.

After several attendees noticed that their phones were missing, they used the Find My iPhone application to help police track down 36-year-old Reinaldo De Jesus Henao, who was keeping all of the cellphones in his backpack. He was caught around 12:15AM on Saturday, which means he managed to grab all of those phones in a single night. Be careful everyone!

Alternate reading: Maybe he really just wanted people to watch Radiohead’s set without taking pictures and videos on their damn phones? Maybe he was really … helping them?