Watch Spoon Strut Through “Hot Thoughts” On Ellen

At this point, it probably shouldn’t be that surprising when Ellen DeGeneres invites indie rock bands to perform on her show. At the rate she’s going, DeGeneres will welcome Wolf Eyes to daytime TV before the decade is over. Still, if you take a step back, it’s pretty incredible to see Oprah Winfrey’s heir giving airtime to a band who I once saw open for a pre-breakup Guided By Voices — and to give them a stage to play one of their slinkiest, sexiest songs, at that. Spoon, of course, released their great new album Hot Thoughts last month. And on today’s Ellen show, they knocked out a tough, self-assured take on its title track and received an enthusiastic blessing from DeGeneres herself. Watch the performance below.

Hot Thoughts is out now on Matador. I’m only slightly disappointed that we didn’t get a shot of Ellen dancing while they played.